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Theme time!

The first theme we had didn’t receive any submissions, but let us try again with the next theme. Are you ready to interpret a new…

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Memberships modified

Hello my friends.I have now modified the memberships and made it more simple. There are now only two artist memberships; one for online artists and…

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Merry Christmas

The community “Seastone Artists” wishes all of you a wonderful and merry Christmas!We look forward in continuing the cowork with the artists in our community…

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Bente’s Art Event

It is always fantastic news when our members are exhibiting their art and allows other people to enjoy them as much as we do. Perhaps…

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Profile info: Specify the text you want to add/change. Also if you want to add another language.
Artwork info: technique used, media, production year, size (in cm or inch), collection (if it belongs to a collection/series), price of the artwork (specify also the currency)
Membership upgrade: if you are an online artist and want to upgrade to VIP member. Check the box for I agree to additional cost for upgrading or participating if you are an Online member.
New exhibition/event: start & end date, opening hours, gallery, location (address/city), short presentation about the exhibition. Send poster or ad for exhibition/event on email.
Participate in exhibition/event: specify your interest in participating in a specific exhibition or event. Enter the name of the exhibition/event in the subject field above.
Check the box for I agree to additional cost for upgrading or participating if you are an Online member.
Feedback: write your feedback to us in the field down below and send it to us.

Remember to send pictures and files on email to:

Activites under planning

  • Garden reception/exhibition

Feel free to comment down below!

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