Vibes of Spring


This spring we did have a theme challenge for our members. The theme was about interpreting the term “Vibes of Spring”; ie based on colors, light, composition, motif or other. Any member could participate in this theme challenge with one artwork/each.

The results are now in and you can view the artworks participating by clicking the link down below. We also open up for voting your favourite artwork amongst them. You can vote for three artworks; 1st place (gold), 2nd place (silver) and 3rd place (bronze). We will summarise all the votes and points given and present the winner artwork later in summer.

Thank you for participating !

Artby_TF exhibition


Our member Therese Forslund has an ongoing art exhibition at Tyresö Slottskrog in the beautiful Tyresö Castle in Tyresö, Sweden. The exhibition is open until may 30th and can also be seen from the outside through the glass veranda.
You can read more about the exhibition here:

You can see interior pictures from here exhibition at her Instagram.

Give her a visit both digitally and if you are in the area, visit her exhibition!

Digital Exhibition


Digital online exhibitions have become one alternative to physical art exhibitions in galleries, because of the ongoing pandemic situation in the world. By creating and offering public digital exhibitions online almost everyone can view them from their different locations. This is our second time we create and arrange a digital exibition. A curated exhibition with artworks from all of our members. We want to promote and show what our creative members are doing and their different styles of art. The exhibition can be found and seen on YouTube and of course you can also see it here.
Remember to switch to high quality when viewing. You can find the link to our YouTube-channel at the bottom of our homepage, where the social media links are located.

If you are an artist and interested in joining our community, let us know by filling out the registration form.
There are a couple of artist membership levels to chose from depending on how much you want to participate.

Theme time!


The first theme we had didn’t receive any submissions, but let us try again with the next theme. Are you ready to interpret a new theme? The light has returned and spring is on its way even though there are still some coldness and snow… Can you feel the spring and are you enjoying the light that has returned?

To celebrate the coming season we want to challenge you with a theme that is suitable for this. You can read more about it on the Themes page in our Community section. Click on the Theme-button and read more. You can submit only one artwork (image) to the theme so take your time to figure out how you want to participate in the theme challenge.

Good luck 🙂

Caroline! Velkommen til samfunnet vårt



This time we want to welcome Caroline to our community. We hope she will enjoy her stay here and find many new friends and inspiration for her creativity. Caroline, goes by the name Art Gloux as her artist name. She paints everything from abstract to figurative and gets her inspiration from emotions, nature, music and her travels around the world. Give her a warm welcome and visit her wonderful portfolio! 🙂

Memberships modified


Hello my friends.
I have now modified the memberships and made it more simple. There are now only two artist memberships; one for online artists and one for VIP artists. There are no limitation on amount of artworks on the VIP membership and the VIP artist does have the opportunities to enter group exhibitions we are going to arrange in the future (when the pandemic is under control).
I have also modified the membership fees. There is now a one time joining fee to join our community and a yearly maintenance fee based on the amount of artworks in the portfolio.
The fees are used to be able to market this community and the artists here. The fee must also cover the technical maintenance of the platform (webpage) as there is a cost to it.

Hope you are satisfied with everything so far…

Merry Christmas

Community, News

The community “Seastone Artists” wishes all of you a wonderful and merry Christmas!
We look forward in continuing the cowork with the artists in our community and welcomes new artists, photographers and galleries to join our growing community.

Enjoy the Christmas time and reload your energies for the creativity of new artworks.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Bente’s Art Event

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It is always fantastic news when our members are exhibiting their art and allows other people to enjoy them as much as we do. Perhaps so much that they want to buy a piece of art for their home, which always makes an artist dance. This event will be fabulous as it is being arranged together with a hairdresser at the hair salon, and it is the first event where Bente (Art by Bela) is showing her art to other people. Give her a big warm applause and send her many warm thoughts as she is planning and setting this up. I wish I could visit and see the art in real life, and if you have the possibility and are staying in the nearby visinity, do visit her!

You can find more info where it is held here!